Thursday, August 24, 2006

Here's what the war on terror is all about.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Driving home this morning i was listening to Willie Nelson on the radio singing "mammas don't Let your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys." The song was still stuck in my head as i surfed through CNN news on the web. I ran across an article on Jill Carroll who was abducted and held hostage by the religion of peace. That article told of a 5 year old kid already being indoctrinated by terrorists and how he was to become one of them calling himself a "Mujahid," a holy warrior. So i started to wonder what mothers hoped their babies would grow up to be over in the Middle East? From what i can read on internet blogs and see on the news it looks like a lot of mothers don't want their kids to grow up but receive their 42 virgins as early as possible. Mothers are content on letting kids become human shields and suicide bombers.
Those mothers are the same ones that recently let Hizbollah terrorists launch rockets into Israel among civilians using them as human shields. When Israel returned fire they screamed and cried that Israel was murdering them. Here's a terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of another country operating freely in Lebanon expecting them not to retaliate but sit back and receive casualties. Strange mothers ! I wonder if Willie could write them a song? I doubt it! I doubt if Cat Stevens could even do it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

News Article from the VOCM website:
Portnoy Lawyers Meet Today August 14, 2006 Angela Portnoy has a new baby. The nine pound baby boy was born Saturday afternoon, according to spokesperson Joanne Mallay-Jones. Mallay-Jones says both Angela and the baby are doing fine. Meantime, the deadline to leave the country is fast approaching. Officials had lifted the arrest warrant until August 18th. Mallay-Jones says the lawyers involved are scheduled to meet today and they are expecting to know more about the status of the Humanitarian and Compassionate Plea after the meeting. Angela is begging the Canadian government to favorably review the Humanitarian & Compassionate Application that is presently in the hands of the Canadian Immigration Department. She says they have suffered so much and again asks they be allowed to remain in Canada and resume living together as a family. Angela's husband, Alexi, is in Mexico hoping Canadian authorities will ultimately grant him permission to come to Canada, and for his family to remain here. Sam Synard, co-chair of the Portnoy Committee, says given the current situation in Israel, it would be hard to accept that the Canadian Government would deport a family that has lived here for over ten years , especially when there are now three Canadian children involved.

Portnoy family website: click here

San Synard makes a good point after what we just saw there. Our government has sent ships to evacuate Canadian citizens in that region and yet they want to deport Canadian citizens along with the rest of their family there. Some will argue once again that the Portnoys should of never been here i the first place. Maybe that's a good point but who let them in Canada in the first place? Our government! Who can let them stay and finally give them a place to call home? Our government! I've made a rant about this case before and hopefully the next time it'll be one much more favourable to many of us who believe in compassion.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another ATV Rant.

Another news article on ATV use in NL .
A longtime advocate for all-terrain vehicle drivers in Newfoundland and Labrador says the province needs to better educate people about the laws governing ATV use instead of just enforcing them.

Oswald Fudge, of the ATV Federation recently made this statement and did end it with saying that not all the provinces 40,000 ATV users are breaking the laws. Thank you for that part Mr. Fudge! My suggestion would be to go to the so called cabin country and make one big sunday crack down. Any given Sunday in my area you can stop and seize at least a dozen ATV's with kids as young as ten years old operating them with two or more passengers hanging on them and not one of them wearing a helmet or any protective gear. Most wear shorts and the so called flip flops on their feet and know that he who drives the fastest gets the right of way. I dare say the only law not broken on most of the machines is the vehicle registration one. Im sure the majority of those ATV 's are registered and the kids i say are driving the best machines mom and pop can buy.
Mr. Fudge quote""""There's no education whatsoever being done by the province." Will my opinion on that is for the RCMP to start an education program some fine sunday evening. Seize a few of those machines all across the province and videotape the kids travelling at mach1 for mom and dad to view at home on the evening news. Im sure the majority of ATV users know the law but some simply don't care because it's not enforced.