Sunday, January 28, 2007

Reading through some of the NL Blogs today and a thought crossed my mind. I have been told sometimes that i see the world in Black & White. After reading NL blogs i notice that a lot see the world in colors. Some see it as Red,Blue,Orange and a small percentage in Green.

Friday, January 26, 2007

"The Ambassador."
Another great movie release recently. A new action movie called the ambassador is about to hit the screen. Loyola Sullivan plays the Ambassador, an ordinary bayman who drinks a magic elixir called Screech which turns him into a crusading mariner. I don't want to spoil the plot for you all but here's a little spoiler for you. A sexy sea Siren who accompanies the super hero is played by Kathy Goudie who seduces sea pirates with her cries.The movie was just released in Ottawa and it'll be a while before it reaches NL.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I have not blogged much lately but have been spending sometime checking out other bloggers. The pass two months since my enucleation surgery i have been wearing a small plastic conformer in my eye. The only time i realize it's there is when i apply eye drops or go outside for a walk on a cold day. Monday im off to St. Johns to receive a custom fitted artificial eye. That will probably make my eye saga come full circle. I remember as a kid back in the 60's boarding the old passenger train bound to St. Johns and looking at it all as an adventure. My parents did not share my enthusiasm and worried far to much for me at times. The trips to the Janeway Hospital seemed to be in vain for them because the results of the eye operations did not turn out as they hoped. Over the years i made many trips, mostly for check-ups knowing that it was only a minor disability and it never really bothered me living with the loss of an eye. About a year ago things changed,headaches, nose bleeds but i still hoped it would change, go away. One morning on an ATV ride with my four year old granddaughter accompanying me i became a bit disoriented to a point that she asked me was i ok. I knew at that moment my past had caught up with me. A few days later the Opthamologist was telling me what i already knew.The eye should be removed and he scheduled the surgery. Tuesday i'll see the Ocularist and have the custom prosthetic eye made. Hopefully he'll let me take a few pics of the occasion.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Suggestion to Honour Troops
January 16, 2007
A suggestion to honour our troops serving overseas. Flo called VOCM Back Talk with Bill Rowe to suggest the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador medal be given to military personnel from this province. The deadline to nominate someone for the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador is Jan.31st.

Below info taken from the ONL website.

The Order of Newfoundland and Labrador is the highest honour of the province. The object of the Order is to recognize individuals who have demonstrated excellence and achievement in any field of endeavour benefiting in an outstanding manner Newfoundland and Labrador and its residents. The first investiture took place in 2004.

Any Canadian citizen who is a present or former long-term resident of Newfoundland and Labrador is eligible for nomination to the Order. The only exceptions are public officials (members of the Senate, House of Commons, House of Assembly or legislative assembly of a province, or judges) , who may not be nominated while they are in office. Posthumous nominations are not accepted. Organizations, groups, or couples may not be nominated; the Order is for individuals only. Additionally, an individual who is not a Canadian citizen or current or former long-term resident of the province, but who has demonstrated excellence in their field of endeavour, and who has benefited the province and its residents in an outstanding manner, may be nominated as an honourary member.

Why not honor them?

What greater way to honor those who serve overseas than to give them the highest order of our province? Not only give it to them but those who died serving should be given the order posthumously. We saw fit to give it to the Brad Gushue Curling team after they won Gold for Canada at the 2006 Olympic games. We made one member of that team an honourary Newfoundland and Labradorian just for the fact he was with the provincial team representing our nation. I wonder what are the thoughts of NL bloggers on this today.

Monday, January 15, 2007

From the VOCM Website:

Deadline for Politicians Implicated by AG
January 15, 2007

Today is the deadline for politicians implicated by the Auditor General to make arrangements to repay money that is allegedly owing to the government. Finance Minister Tom Marshall says regardless of whether the individuals involved are ever Buddy Wassiname and the other fellows.charged or convicted, government is still requesting the constituency allowance overpayments be returned, and if arrangements are not made by today, there will be legal action. The total figure is some 1.6 million dollars. Those named by the Auditor General include MHA's and former MHA's Ed Byrne, Percy Barrett, Jim Walsh, Wally Andersen, and Randy Collins.

I wonder if someone got caught poaching a moose would the government consider letting them not apply for a licence in the next hunt as payback? I doubt it very much! The poacher would be charged,fined and hunting privileges revoked.( all after a fair trial of course) no deal would be given to the poacher,after all anyone who takes meat to eat without a licence is nothing but a criminal. Those that take money from those who can't afford meat? What about them? will just look at the VOCM news i posted at the beginning of my post. Those people receive a request to pay back that which did not belong to them.They receive a request in the mail and a repayment schedule. I say forget the whole thing. Lets do something different.Lets have a telethon,Newfie style!!! We'll have it at Mile one. We invite Great Big Sea,Snooks, Buddy Wassiname & The Other Fellows. We ask our CBC Here and Now crew to team up with The NTV evening news crew to man the phone lines with volunteers from political party card carrying groupies. After all if your getting screwed you should enjoy it. An orgy of 500,000 !!!! call "The Guinness Book Of Records."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

They say an upside down flag means distress. Maybe it's time they flew our Provincial flag upside down outside the Conferation building in St. Johns. After watching Kathy Goudie's performance on the supper hour news yesterday i say do just that with our flag! Quite the performance for a member who can actually get taxpayers to pay for a meal she consumed months before being elected. That lady is faster then Fraser March's car that could be in two places at the same time. At least Fraser paid for his own auto insurance( maybe noseworthy can check on that one later to see if he did!)Poor Kathy,ranting on about her surgery and trying to pass the buck that was already passed twice before. *QUOTE from a news article* "However, I also feel very strongly that some responsibility lies with the house of assembly staff . . . I counted upon that guidance of the house staff as a new member, but unfortunately the system did not work as it should have." Sorry Kathy,the system does work or is just starting to work. That's the reason why you ended up on CBC News crying yesterday.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The tree is down and the furniture back to its original positions.The weather is puzzling and it's amazing what a few degrees in temperature can do. Winter here seems to be postponed but im ok with that one. Yesterday,my granddaughter and i drove to the lighthouse here just to observe the waves crashing on the landwash. I had plenty of company because quite a few more residents from the community also came to view natures show.Words from "The Ode" came to mind.

When blinding storm gusts fret thy shore,
And wild waves lash thy strand,
Thro' sprindrift swirl and tempest roar,
We love thee, wind-swept land,
We love thee, we love thee,
We love thee, wind-swept land.

Of course i didn't attempt to sing it but hummed it a little.My granddaughter started humming also but had no idea what it was. She's four,she'll learn soon.I know,because im going to be teaching her! Wind swepted land indeed and only a resident can sit in a car on a cold January day watching waves crash against the landwash and truly appreciate it. For some reason when the Southwest winds churn the water here in Cape Ray we witness a red seaweed pile high in our coves. One in particular seems to get the bulk of it.We refer to it as "Willy Walls Cove." William Wall use to be one of our local lighthouse keepers and for some reason unknown to me the gentleman got a cove named after him. Few landmarks here in the community also carry the names of residents who have passed on. Some are obvious while others are not. Maybe someday i'll have a rock or patch of blueberry ground called after me.OK,my minds wandering again,back to the real world if such a thing exists? My question i wanted to ask.Anyone know the name of this red seaweed that washes up on our beach here?