Monday, January 15, 2007

From the VOCM Website:

Deadline for Politicians Implicated by AG
January 15, 2007

Today is the deadline for politicians implicated by the Auditor General to make arrangements to repay money that is allegedly owing to the government. Finance Minister Tom Marshall says regardless of whether the individuals involved are ever Buddy Wassiname and the other fellows.charged or convicted, government is still requesting the constituency allowance overpayments be returned, and if arrangements are not made by today, there will be legal action. The total figure is some 1.6 million dollars. Those named by the Auditor General include MHA's and former MHA's Ed Byrne, Percy Barrett, Jim Walsh, Wally Andersen, and Randy Collins.

I wonder if someone got caught poaching a moose would the government consider letting them not apply for a licence in the next hunt as payback? I doubt it very much! The poacher would be charged,fined and hunting privileges revoked.( all after a fair trial of course) no deal would be given to the poacher,after all anyone who takes meat to eat without a licence is nothing but a criminal. Those that take money from those who can't afford meat? What about them? will just look at the VOCM news i posted at the beginning of my post. Those people receive a request to pay back that which did not belong to them.They receive a request in the mail and a repayment schedule. I say forget the whole thing. Lets do something different.Lets have a telethon,Newfie style!!! We'll have it at Mile one. We invite Great Big Sea,Snooks, Buddy Wassiname & The Other Fellows. We ask our CBC Here and Now crew to team up with The NTV evening news crew to man the phone lines with volunteers from political party card carrying groupies. After all if your getting screwed you should enjoy it. An orgy of 500,000 !!!! call "The Guinness Book Of Records."


Strow said...

excellent points wayne.

i was trying to find somethng else really good to compare it too but right now my mind is drawing a blank.

Anonymous said...

great telethon last night.loved how snooks stole the show.did they reach the goal? i fell asleep when ed byrne was doing the abbot and costello thing of "who's on first."

Table Mountains said...

you should of stayed up a little longer! they reached the goal when an an anonymous donor phoned in and donated what they needed.sounded like that tobin fellow that use to be here at one time running things. great finish to the whole evening. the mha's who needed the cash for payback sang "we are family." bought tears to everyones eyes except kathy goudie because she was crying all night long.