Sunday, March 28, 2010

CBC NL Article: 

Moose strategy not enough: quadriplegic 

Newfoundland and Labrador's strategy to curb moose-vehicle collisions will fall short of its goal, says a man left severely disabled by such a crash.
The government announced this week it will issue 2,154 new moose licences for the next hunting season, on top of more than 27,000 existing licences, in a bid to bring down the number of collisions on the province's highways.
As well, it will spend more money to cut brush along the roadways.
But Corner Brook resident Ben Bellows, who was paralyzed from the neck down after his car struck a moose in broad daylight on the Trans-Canada Highway near Clarenville, said many lives will still be destroyed or severely changed.
"It's not just me," said Bellows. "It's my wife, my family, my children."
Bellows supports a campaign to put high fences along the highway in areas where moose are well known to be found.
"It's a no-brainer," he said.
"The moose is the problem. The moose is on the road. It's not supposed to be there."
Bellows challenges those who argue that a fencing system would be too expensive to construct.
"What about the cost to me?" he said. "My bill ranked up to $500,000 — what about that cost? What about the cost of my pain?"
Earlier this week, Environment Minister Charlene Johnson said new measures, including an extended season and early promotion of Sunday hunting, would allow hunters to reach more remote areas.
In turn, she said, a wider hunt would mean fewer animals later heading towards highways for food and space.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Daffodil Days from March 27 - April 3,2010. This morning Volunteer members of our local Fire Department delivered them door to door in our community. I suspect in our small community every family has had a relative touched by Cancer. The Fire Chief told me he had 55 more homes to deliver to when he dropped our Daffodils off this morning.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Apparently someone tried to run the Gauntlet again today. The plates say Minnesota and the results are the same. The winds which peaked at 156 KPH today turned the Rig over which was going West. Like most accidents it appears the Driver may of had to break the Windshield out to escape. The winds gusted around 100 KPH when i was shooting this and I was quite happy when my Nephew decided to accompany me on my latest little excursion out there to shoot a few photos. Met several RCMP Officers out there checking the area. It's probably going to be a RCMP Member,an Ambulance Operator or Works Services individual who becomes the first casualty out there while trying to help someone in trouble.

Today in the Wreckhouse winds have exceeded 150 KPH and I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to run it? Hopefully not! A few days back my Granddaughter and i made a short walk to the little pond in the area on a calm morning. That place has such beauty when the winds are calm and hopefully our short walks will soon turn to longer hikes there.

A few shots from our little walk.

She had to test the light ice that formed on the pond throughout the night.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Seeking Canada's best bathroom

From CBC News::::

Had a bathroom experience lately that left you speechless — in a good way?
Nominations are being accepted for Canada's Best Restroom Award, which honours public washrooms across Canada that are "immaculate," "inviting" and "memorable," according to the award's website.
The contest follows a U.S. competition. Past winners south of the border have not only boasted spotless facilities — they have also included spectacular views and impressive fixtures.
The contest, appropriately sponsored by Cintas Canada Ltd., a company that sells bathroom-management supplies among other things, is accepting entries online until May 10, 2010.
"There is no question that restroom hygiene plays a big role in determining customer satisfaction and repeat business," said Cintas Canada marketing manager Leslie Molin in a release. According to Cintas' website, 95 per cent of people surveyed "say they avoid establishments with dirty restrooms."
Ten finalists will be announced in July, whereupon the best bathroom will be decided through internet voting. While the only prize is bragging rights, and attention for victorious washroom, the winner will be announced in September at an awards gala.

I sometimes dread the thought of using Public Restrooms but i will give credit where credit is due. When shopping out of town I avoid certain places and one of the Stores that I have no qualms about using the Restroom is Kents Building Supplies in Corner Brook. I shop there about once a month and have always found the Bathroom there immaculate. On the other end of the scale is the Restroom in a Service Station near St. Georges on the TCH. I have never went there yet and found it tidy no matter what time of Day i dropped in. I wonder how anyone can actually eat at the Restaurant there if they use the Bathroom when they enter?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

From VOCM News.

O'Rielly Family Holds News Conference

It will be two weeks tomorrow since Donna O'Rielly left her job at a New Brunswick shopping mall, and disappeared from her closest family and friends. Her family believes she was abducted in the parking lot. They have offered a $25-thousand reward as a final effort in asking the public, or even the person responsible to come forward with information. RCMP continue to treat her disappearance as a missing persons file. O'Rielly's daughter, Karen Streek, says it's hard for the family to remain optimistic.The 54-year old O'Rielly lived in this province before moving to New Brunswick.

Meanwhile RCMP in Moncton have released two still images from mall surveillance video the night she vanished. Police say the two images show a man and a woman separately at the rear entrance to the mall near the food court at different times. They believe the individuals could have been in the parking lot at the same time O'Rielly was leaving work from the south entrance on February 26th. RCMP hope releasing the images will identify these people who may offer more information that could help the case. They continue to treat O'Rielly's disappearance as a missing persons file, but her family insists she was abducted. O'Rielly lived in Isle aux Morts and Gander before moving to New Brunswick. The last time O'Rielly was seen was on surveillance video released by police showing her leaving the mall that night.