Monday, November 30, 2009

A story that just keeps popping up in NL and it seems no solutions anytime soon.
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Woman believes government action could have saved husband's life 

Hopefully the Government will at least start cutting the brush along side roadways and make the corridors much wider. In our area we see brush cutting done by Grant workers in mid winter at times and this only cleans the top off the alders. By mid summer it's actually thicker then the year before. Machinery is a must for this type of operation and it must be done on all roadways that have a high population of moose nearby. More either sex Moose Licences must be issued and Wildlife must decide what each Moose areas population will be sustainable at. The Moose story in this province is one of success and it still can be with a population 20 - 25 % smaller then what we have now. I'm sure at that population we will see a reduction in accidents on our highways.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I had my H1N1 Shot.

Today i received my H1N1 Vaccine shot at St. James Elementary School in Port Aux Basques,NL. I have to give the staff at Western Health in Port Aux Basques a thumbs up for the organizing. My number was #150. I arrived at the clinic at 12:40 pm and there was a long line. They started the process at around 1: pm and the instructions were simple to follow. They called numbers in a series of ten and then we made out a form with our info on it. (i had forgot my reading glasses and one young lady from Western Health noticed me squinting and  immediately assisted me without me having to ask) next we moved to a table where they double checked our MCP numbers with the forms we completed. On to another table for a quick question or two and directed to a section where five Health people were giving the shots. All of them very pleasant i might add. Next a Nurse gave us some verbal information on what we might expect and asked us to sit for 15 minutes just to make sure things were ok. I was back in my home in Cape Ray at 2 pm! So one should give credit where credit is due. Class A job,Western Health,Port Aux Basques Region!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's November 10-2009,my 54 th. Birthday. I had the day off and went for a great Quad ride for a few hours. Took sometime and just sat down on the top of a Sand Dune and relaxed a while. Shot a few pics and returned home.                                              

Three Beach Birds feeding in the shoals.

Looking North towards home.

No wind which seems strange for November here.

Cape Ray in the background.

A place we locals refer to as Cape Gut.The community and Table Mountains are in the background.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Why does this suggestion make so much sense? 

I'm sure Doctor Graham saw a dozen patients today at her clinic in Port Aux Basques who may of been at high risk for developing complications from influenza. If she could of administered the H1N1 shot to those patients and it might of made a difference in a few ways. They would of not had to go wait in a line for one. Advice from a family doctor is much more appreciated then from a Health Care person in an assembly line type situation scurrying to administer the next dose to another person. Yes, this suggestion makes so much sense. Mr. Kennedy,are you listening to your Doctors?

A physician in Port aux Basques, western Newfoundland, says her patients should be able to receive H1N1 influenza vaccinations at her office instead of only at specialized clinics.
"We find it very frustrating as physicians," said Dr. Wendy Graham. "We'd like to be a part of the program. We don’t want to see any current vaccine that exists in our province sit in the refrigerators for months. We've been asking to be a part of this program. We'd like to get vaccine into our patients as soon as possible."
She said many doctors have cold storage, and they already administer several types of vaccine.
Graham says the association that represents Newfoundland and Labrador physicians is lobbying the provincial government to get doctors involved in the vaccination program, which is targeting the strain of H1N1 influenza A causing the current swine flu pandemic.
Nurses employed by regional health authorities in Newfoundland and Labrador have been giving residents shots at designated centres throughout the province.
The province is trying to make sure that the vaccine if first administered to health workers, people at high risk for developing complications from influenza and those who care for people who can't get vaccinated.