Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I had my H1N1 Shot.

Today i received my H1N1 Vaccine shot at St. James Elementary School in Port Aux Basques,NL. I have to give the staff at Western Health in Port Aux Basques a thumbs up for the organizing. My number was #150. I arrived at the clinic at 12:40 pm and there was a long line. They started the process at around 1: pm and the instructions were simple to follow. They called numbers in a series of ten and then we made out a form with our info on it. (i had forgot my reading glasses and one young lady from Western Health noticed me squinting and  immediately assisted me without me having to ask) next we moved to a table where they double checked our MCP numbers with the forms we completed. On to another table for a quick question or two and directed to a section where five Health people were giving the shots. All of them very pleasant i might add. Next a Nurse gave us some verbal information on what we might expect and asked us to sit for 15 minutes just to make sure things were ok. I was back in my home in Cape Ray at 2 pm! So one should give credit where credit is due. Class A job,Western Health,Port Aux Basques Region!

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