Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tropical storm Danny gave us winds in excess of 150 KPH in the area today. Two accidents in the Wreckhouse and families who planned a holiday to our Island made it just 20 kilometers pass the Ferry Terminal in Port Aux Basques. No warnings and what info given was the same false information that we usually hear here. Wind warning for Bay St. Georges. Same old shit! Bay St. Georges is well over 100 kilometers from the Wreckhouse. Once again i ask will our Government to at least put a Digital sign on each end of this dangerous area known as the Wreckhouse giving wind speed in real time?




Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just another moment that i feel proud to be living in NL.

Bill Cosby struck by N.L. rescue story

Last Updated: Thursday, August 27, 2009 | 12:04 PM NT

Comedian Bill Cosby is bringing attention to the story of a small group of Newfoundlanders whose actions taught a black American decades ago that racism didn't exist everywhere.

Cosby recently brought Lanier Phillips onstage to tell his story, after he heard about the experience Phillips had in Newfoundland nearly 70 years ago.

It was during the Second World War, in 1942; Phillips was a 19-year-old African-American deckhand on the USS Truxtun when it and another ship, the USS Pollux, ran aground near St. Lawrence, on the province's south coast.

Phillips, who had known only racism to that point in his life, was one of only 46 people to survive the wreck.

He feared he would be lynched when rescuers brought him ashore, but instead, he was taken in to local homes, and the women of the community cared for him until he was well enough to leave.

He said the kindness he was shown when he was hauled ashore taught him that racism could be overcome.

Cosby told CBC News that he was intrigued when he heard the story.

"I wanted to know more because I thought it was the story of this black man and these women who had never seen this colour skin before," he said.

The story of how Phillips was treated in Newfoundland has been told in documentaries and television programs.

One of those programs was seen by Cosby, who this summer sent a limousine to the retirement home where Phillips lives near Washington, D.C., to bring him to a show Cosby was performing in nearby Virginia.

Cosby then brought Lanier onstage to introduce him to the audience and tell his story.

Cosby — who was stationed at a U.S. military base in Newfoundland for a brief time in the '50s — said he was especially struck when he heard Phillips say that the women of St. Lawrence tried to scrub him down after he was rescued, because they thought the colour of his skin was dirt from the shipwreck.

"But trying to scrub it off and clean it," Cosby said, "which it turns out to be not a novelty story as much as a story about a change that comes to a human being because of a difference in the way the human being is treated, and how it opens up very positive feelings in a human being."

Phillips is 86 years old now, and he has often said that the people of Newfoundland didn't just save his life, they changed it.

"To experience instantly love and humanity that I didn't think existed between the races — it just changed everything for me."

After Phillips was rescued, he had a 20-year career in the navy and became an active member of the U.S. civil rights movement.

He credits the people of St. Lawrence for his success.

Cosby calls it a wonderful story.

"There's no way when you listen to his story there's a superiority of anything except human beings helping human beings," Cosby said. "Just about human beings and the power that human beings have when they work to save each other."

A U.S. film producer is now hoping to turn the story of what happened to Phillips into a full-length film.

An interesting Radio interview on the Mr. Phillips life and the people of St. Lawrence. Click here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looks like we have another major hit in the Province.

I remember Al Clouston when i watch / listen to this one. Al said, "When I Grow Too Old to Laugh,shoot me!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blueberry Picking at The Wreckhouse.

We made a little hike into the Wreckhouse Valley last evening to see if we could pick a few Pints of Blueberries. We picked quite a few in a short time and she surprised me at how fast she picked her container full and how clean she was at not having any leaves or green ones.

Some of last evenings photos: Click to enlarge.

Blueberry SeasonBlueberriesGot some!Leaving lunchtimeThe Tree

Look what just popped up!

From the VOCM News site:

A former premier is applauding government owned Nalcor, and its role in west coast oil exploration. Brian Peckford was in St. John's yesterday for the opening of a park in honour of Cyril Abery, one of the instrumental players in putting together the Atlantic Accord. There has been some concern raised about public money being used for the west coast oil play, but Peckford says, as long as it's done prudently, it's a good move.

Yes i can still remember his wise ways of dealing with our money. 13 Million dollars wasted so we could all have English cucumbers for lunch. Remember his words at the time? "There'll be cucumbers over all kinds of people's faces." So for all your amusement today click and see why we should all be laughing right now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

We recently took our oldest Granddaughter on a Holiday to Nova Scotia with us .When we returned someone asked me what part i liked best. My reply was the view of Newfoundland that i saw about a hour away from home port on the return. I could see the lights of Codroy all the way down to Rose Blanche and I pointed out each community to my Granddaughter. After witnessing some of the life in the Halifax area i'm glad she'll grow up here and the decision where she goes later in life will be hers.

Last evening we got out around for a few hours and i guess we were no more then two kilometers from our home but the scenery was great. A few of last evenings photos here.Click to make larger.

Looking for young Ducks hidden in the grass.

A place called Bear Cove Brook

Picking wild Blueberries.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ran across this one today.

Seems sort of odd when you read headlines such as this.

Having never traveled to Europe or the USA i really can't comment either then saying that i feel sorry for the Dutch with all those freedoms. After all it must be real hard to try and do anything illicit there.