Monday, August 10, 2009

We recently took our oldest Granddaughter on a Holiday to Nova Scotia with us .When we returned someone asked me what part i liked best. My reply was the view of Newfoundland that i saw about a hour away from home port on the return. I could see the lights of Codroy all the way down to Rose Blanche and I pointed out each community to my Granddaughter. After witnessing some of the life in the Halifax area i'm glad she'll grow up here and the decision where she goes later in life will be hers.

Last evening we got out around for a few hours and i guess we were no more then two kilometers from our home but the scenery was great. A few of last evenings photos here.Click to make larger.

Looking for young Ducks hidden in the grass.

A place called Bear Cove Brook

Picking wild Blueberries.



Charlie said...

Great shots and scenery. If over that way I'll be looking for that beach to get the sunset. Saw your header photo on CBC site too, it has a nice composition, and scenic!

Anonymous said...

great shots indeed.

Anonymous said...

oops.sorry was going to ask how far is cape ray from channel port aux basques by car?

Table Mountains said...

about 15 minutes.