Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look what just popped up!

From the VOCM News site:

A former premier is applauding government owned Nalcor, and its role in west coast oil exploration. Brian Peckford was in St. John's yesterday for the opening of a park in honour of Cyril Abery, one of the instrumental players in putting together the Atlantic Accord. There has been some concern raised about public money being used for the west coast oil play, but Peckford says, as long as it's done prudently, it's a good move.

Yes i can still remember his wise ways of dealing with our money. 13 Million dollars wasted so we could all have English cucumbers for lunch. Remember his words at the time? "There'll be cucumbers over all kinds of people's faces." So for all your amusement today click and see why we should all be laughing right now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the glimpse of yesteryears. somethings always remain the same.

Brian said...

Thanks for the memories Wayne, that endorsement does not bode well for our money in the oil play. Why does the media keep digging this cadaver up for comment all the time, sad state of affairs?

Table Mountains said...

the minute i read the former premiers comment i just had to go digging for some old sprung news footage. hopefully the recent investment of our money won't turn out this way. i guess only time will tell.