Monday, October 28, 2013

Erosion a growing concern at Cheeseman beach


The beach at J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park isn’t what it used to be.
Wayne Osmond stands by an old railway retaining wall recently exposed in an eroding bank. Osmond is alarmed at how quickly sand dunes have been washing away at Cheeseman Beach.
Just ask Wayne Osmond. The resident of nearby Cape Ray has lived in the area his whole life and he walks the beach at least three times a week.
Lately the amount of erosion has begun to concern him.More,CLICK HERE.....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Looks like Climate change has taken its toll on Cape Ray Beach. With the increase in Atlantic Storms and maybe the lack of ice in the Gulf the past several years,our Beach is loosing sand.A Retaining Wall built sometime in the past by the Railroad is now exposed to the elements. No one seems to know what year it was put in place but it was placed there to protect the Rails that ran just yards from it. After the demise of the Railway it was converted into a T'Railway and maybe the next major storm when it comes (and it will) we'll see the collapse of the T'Railway and maybe the Ocean carve deep into the Lagoon behind it.
Bedrock is now showing on the Beach. This was never seen before.
The Beach once covered the entire wall and the sand went quite a distance out to the Ocean.
No one seems to know when the Retaining Wall was built.
The Beach,known as Cape Ray Beach has lost much of its sand.
Once Tourists and Locals sunbathed on sand here much higher then the height of the wall.

An Aerial View from above shows that the Section affected is also the narrow part. The next Storm may cause a break into this section and the ocean may spill into the area known as the Parking lot.