Monday, November 22, 2010

A Story today from our local Newspaper the Gulf News about the new Digital Signage warning of the Wreckhouse Winds.

Wreckhouse conditions go digital

Drivers heading towards dangerous Wreckhouse winds will now be given fair warning, regardless of the time of day. Mayor Brian Button and Tom Hedderson, minister of transportation and works, unveiled digital warning signs on the Trans-Canada Highway on Nov. 12. One of the signs is just east of town, not far from the Visitor Information Centre. The second is approximately 47 kilometres from Port aux Basques near Mollichignick River Bridge in the Codroy Valley. The total cost was approximately $100,000.

More on the Story   CLICK HERE.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Today the new Digital Signage for the Wreckhouse will be unveiled. Finally a warning to Truckers and unsuspecting Tourist who have ran this gauntlet and came out the looser. Hopefully this may save a few lives and keep our Police and Ambulance drivers from having to go out to that area and help when an accident occurs there. I doubt if this will stop some from attempting to run it when the winds are high but at least now there will be a warning to those who might not know what to expect.