Sunday, December 26, 2010

Got out for a short walk this afternoon. By the look of things,I might not get the opportunity to do so tomorrow. Once again the Southeast winds are suppose to gust up to 150 KPH in our area and maybe a snowfall to top it off. Here are a few shots i took today around an area here the locals call the gut.

The old Light Keepers Graves from the 1800's tucked out of sight in a small wooded area.

Some years the kids are skating on this Lagoon by now.

Charlie a Landseer swims across the Gut to say hi to me.

A family from Isle Aux Morts walk their Newfoundland and Landseer Dogs on the Cape Ray Beach today.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yeah I know,same old story. I guess you can call it the 'Neverending Story," Winds gusting up over 100 KPH have disrupted the Marine Atlantic Ferry service and once again the Wreckhouse takes on those who attempt to run the Gauntlet. Went out and captured the following scenes early this morning.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Truckers who ignored wind warnings 'irresponsible': minister

Transportation Minister Tom Hedderson says several truckers who ignored warnings not to pass through the Wreckhouse area in southwestern Newfoundland Wednesday were "dangerously irresponsible."

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Wreckhouse warning is still in effect here and for days now the winds may not of diminished below 100 KPH. No Ferries crossing the Gulf because of the high winds and still Truckers try and run the Wreckhouse gauntlet. Latest two casualties Pictured below. The new Digital signage is either being ignored or displaying the wrong info. I have noticed it's not giving wind speeds in real time but posting that the winds are either 60 or 80 KPH and asking people to pull over.

Here in the above photo you can see how the Wreckhouse Winds are formed. The wind funnels down through the Table Mountain Valleys picking up speed as it travels. Winds on the mountain may be only 30 - 40 KPH but below in the Wreckhouse it may of accelerated  to 150 plus KPH. The water in the Pond here is funneled up several hundred feet by the force of the winds.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A new NFLD Folk Hero ?

Come gather all around me and I'll tell to you a tale,

About Poor old Leo that almost went to jail.

It happened on a December night when the Mounties were asleep,

 Leo walked out his back door and wandered down the street.

The mounties got the message and they started in to cry ,

This is from Petty Harbour, I think they got our boy.

 Last night when we were sleeping and dreaming about our moose,

 Leo walked out the door and now he's on the loose!


If this happened anywhere else the outcome may of been different. He may of slipped away from the Police but they didn't do nothing drastic to him. Hopefully Leo will get the treatment he needs.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winds gusting to 136 KPH and winds forecasted up to 120 KPH on Monday. The new Digital Signs for the Wreckhouse are not putting out the info for those who travel through the area. I shot the above photo around 3 PM this afternoon when returning home from Corner Brook.The Trucker attempted to face into the S.E. Winds and ride out the storm on the Wreckhouse parking lot. Just couldn't succeed,the winds got him. A dozen or so Tractor Trailers are sitting it out in Doyles waiting for the winds to stop.

The Sign at the eastern end of the Wreckhouse yesterday..

Satellite link from the Wreckhouse weather station.

It won't be using much electricity. After two weeks just 32 KW's used.