Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Wreckhouse warning is still in effect here and for days now the winds may not of diminished below 100 KPH. No Ferries crossing the Gulf because of the high winds and still Truckers try and run the Wreckhouse gauntlet. Latest two casualties Pictured below. The new Digital signage is either being ignored or displaying the wrong info. I have noticed it's not giving wind speeds in real time but posting that the winds are either 60 or 80 KPH and asking people to pull over.

Here in the above photo you can see how the Wreckhouse Winds are formed. The wind funnels down through the Table Mountain Valleys picking up speed as it travels. Winds on the mountain may be only 30 - 40 KPH but below in the Wreckhouse it may of accelerated  to 150 plus KPH. The water in the Pond here is funneled up several hundred feet by the force of the winds.


Brian said...

Good shots again Wayne, they are either stunned or as you mention the sign may not be giving up to date conditions. Maybe the wind monitor is in another location?

Anonymous said...

Wayne i am starting to think some of those drivers get what they deserve. tuesday they forced my cousins truck off the side of the road near the starlight mountain. they were running side by side.actually three of them and they did not care for no one if he views your photos i am sure he will be delighted at their mishap.

rej said...

the Eastern most sign has nerver said anything other than "snow means slow", "no hand held devices" and don't drink and drive. And I go through every week. The yellow international didn't have a CB radio setup yet, so he didn,t hear our warnings. Two FRL trucks were stopped and turned around, even with a language barrier between us. they were from Quebec. Saputo called the weatherstation. 76 km SE, quite managable. The wind came up on the four units going through. As to why we push the limits, Marine Atlantic has a first come first serve pollicy. This could mean another day or two of down time. We get paid to drive not sit. Nor to end up in this offence, great photos though, on an unfortunate topic.

rej said...

here is my e-mail if interested.