Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winds gusting to 136 KPH and winds forecasted up to 120 KPH on Monday. The new Digital Signs for the Wreckhouse are not putting out the info for those who travel through the area. I shot the above photo around 3 PM this afternoon when returning home from Corner Brook.The Trucker attempted to face into the S.E. Winds and ride out the storm on the Wreckhouse parking lot. Just couldn't succeed,the winds got him. A dozen or so Tractor Trailers are sitting it out in Doyles waiting for the winds to stop.

The Sign at the eastern end of the Wreckhouse yesterday..

Satellite link from the Wreckhouse weather station.

It won't be using much electricity. After two weeks just 32 KW's used.


Anonymous said...

Great reporting, Wayne. I'm glad they have the sign up.You've lobbyed for this for a long time. I think your photos are the sign it needs. But I admire your perseverance. Hope the gov and signage get it right! Cheers~~ Madigan (couldn't get password to work!)

Brian said...

So what does wind mean then? Maybe they need Kevin Hutchings to do up the wording for the signs