Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tropical storm Danny gave us winds in excess of 150 KPH in the area today. Two accidents in the Wreckhouse and families who planned a holiday to our Island made it just 20 kilometers pass the Ferry Terminal in Port Aux Basques. No warnings and what info given was the same false information that we usually hear here. Wind warning for Bay St. Georges. Same old shit! Bay St. Georges is well over 100 kilometers from the Wreckhouse. Once again i ask will our Government to at least put a Digital sign on each end of this dangerous area known as the Wreckhouse giving wind speed in real time?





Table Mountains said...

this comment appeared in another part of my blog concerning the wreckhouse but i think it was directed at todays blog.

here it is.

"we are tourists coming to newfoundland, having no idea about wreckhouse winds, we came from Port aux Basques, no warning signs on the highway, we left 8am this morning, 20 minutes later our coach is nearly blown off the road, another RV lying in the ditch in the opposite lane...
why don't they warn motorists, especially people who have no ideas about this area... weird, do you want to gain notority that way?

1:52 PM"

thank you for your comment. as you can see i have been complaining about this for years. i have written letters,went on CBC to do an interview about the accidents there and blogged many times about it. if you can, please write to the newspaper or phone the media about your experience this morning. you may help to save lives.

thank you
wayne osmond

Eric Francis said...

tablemountains. i agree with your take on the subject and as you posted before,nothing will be done until a trucker or other motorist dies down there.


Shammickite said...

Hi Table, thanks for visiting my blog about the caribou. I agree, the Wreckhouse area needs more warning signs. I've only driven that part a couple of times but it sure is windy even on a good day.
Thos are dramatic photos, glad it wasn't me in that trailer.

Tom said...

What a mess! It would be beneficial if some sort of announcement were made on the Ferry, especially if/when a known Hurricane is passing through. The old weathered signs are certainly not much of a reminder. My experience though, is that once people leave that Ferry, they go like stink to get ahead of "the traffic". More warnings would help for sure. Wayne, perhaps you could erect giant versions of these photos :)

Anonymous said...

yeah this shit every time about st georges when the wind blasts the wreckhouse irritates the hell out of me. wayne someone should commend you for the effort your putting in this and our poltitician should get the hell off his hiney and get those signs in place. poor old lockie done a better job 50 years ago.


I remember crossing on the boat onetime, and telling people to watch out for moose, and be careful of the wind at wreckhouse, and laughed at me.

Brian said...

Caught your pictures on Here N Now last evening. No follow up about the dangers and the sign issue though. The Provinces major media should be all over this as a public service.
Guess you guys feel like you are in Labrador at times, or perhaps all the time.

clayton said...

saw a few of your shots on the cbc tonight.maybe someone will notice now and act on the dangers there.

Hilary said...

Wow.. pretty disturbing. I'm not understanding why there's a resistance about this. What am I missing here?