Monday, November 30, 2009

A story that just keeps popping up in NL and it seems no solutions anytime soon.
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Woman believes government action could have saved husband's life 

Hopefully the Government will at least start cutting the brush along side roadways and make the corridors much wider. In our area we see brush cutting done by Grant workers in mid winter at times and this only cleans the top off the alders. By mid summer it's actually thicker then the year before. Machinery is a must for this type of operation and it must be done on all roadways that have a high population of moose nearby. More either sex Moose Licences must be issued and Wildlife must decide what each Moose areas population will be sustainable at. The Moose story in this province is one of success and it still can be with a population 20 - 25 % smaller then what we have now. I'm sure at that population we will see a reduction in accidents on our highways.

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