Monday, March 15, 2010

Seeking Canada's best bathroom

From CBC News::::

Had a bathroom experience lately that left you speechless — in a good way?
Nominations are being accepted for Canada's Best Restroom Award, which honours public washrooms across Canada that are "immaculate," "inviting" and "memorable," according to the award's website.
The contest follows a U.S. competition. Past winners south of the border have not only boasted spotless facilities — they have also included spectacular views and impressive fixtures.
The contest, appropriately sponsored by Cintas Canada Ltd., a company that sells bathroom-management supplies among other things, is accepting entries online until May 10, 2010.
"There is no question that restroom hygiene plays a big role in determining customer satisfaction and repeat business," said Cintas Canada marketing manager Leslie Molin in a release. According to Cintas' website, 95 per cent of people surveyed "say they avoid establishments with dirty restrooms."
Ten finalists will be announced in July, whereupon the best bathroom will be decided through internet voting. While the only prize is bragging rights, and attention for victorious washroom, the winner will be announced in September at an awards gala.

I sometimes dread the thought of using Public Restrooms but i will give credit where credit is due. When shopping out of town I avoid certain places and one of the Stores that I have no qualms about using the Restroom is Kents Building Supplies in Corner Brook. I shop there about once a month and have always found the Bathroom there immaculate. On the other end of the scale is the Restroom in a Service Station near St. Georges on the TCH. I have never went there yet and found it tidy no matter what time of Day i dropped in. I wonder how anyone can actually eat at the Restaurant there if they use the Bathroom when they enter?

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Anonymous said...

I know of the Gas Station your talking about. We usually stop for a cap or coffee there at times and the problem I see with the Bathroom is that the water does not seem to flow in the mens washroom good enough to clean the Urinals. I mentioned it to the young guy on the cash and he just stared at me without even acknowledging me.