Wednesday, January 10, 2007

They say an upside down flag means distress. Maybe it's time they flew our Provincial flag upside down outside the Conferation building in St. Johns. After watching Kathy Goudie's performance on the supper hour news yesterday i say do just that with our flag! Quite the performance for a member who can actually get taxpayers to pay for a meal she consumed months before being elected. That lady is faster then Fraser March's car that could be in two places at the same time. At least Fraser paid for his own auto insurance( maybe noseworthy can check on that one later to see if he did!)Poor Kathy,ranting on about her surgery and trying to pass the buck that was already passed twice before. *QUOTE from a news article* "However, I also feel very strongly that some responsibility lies with the house of assembly staff . . . I counted upon that guidance of the house staff as a new member, but unfortunately the system did not work as it should have." Sorry Kathy,the system does work or is just starting to work. That's the reason why you ended up on CBC News crying yesterday.


Anonymous said...

i know kathy personally and she would never do anything wrong. she will be cleared of what she's being accused of.people like you who point fingers will eat crow after she does.go get a life and stop bothering people who work hard for us in newfoundland.

Table Mountains said...

if i eat crow? can i send the bill to kathy twice? if i eat crow today and she's cleared of charges 3 months down the road, can i still bill later? please tell her to stop working so hard,we can't afford hard workers like her.

A New Writer said...

I agree with you Wayne. It would appear the system is beginning to work somewhat. It's such a shame for those who are getting caught, isn't it? Imagine, you steal public money you get caught. Quite a novel experience for those in power here.

And just to address the previous anon' comment. The reason there's so much corruption in this province is precisely because too many people know too many other people 'personally'.

Denise said...

wayne your a character lol. i watched cbc supper hour news and saw your comment on the scandal. keep blogging,its a great way to get heard.

Table Mountains said...

hi denise,long time no see. i think maybe the word being used is part of the problem. "SCANDAL," i think a scandal is when the minister runs away with one of his parishioners wives. things like that could be considered a scandal. what we see happening here is a "CRIME."

Mike said...

Not to belittle the argument, the NL flag is kind of hard to turn upside down. If you look from the other side it just looks upright again.

Austin Keeping said...

I agree with everything you stated. I enjoy checking out your blog to get news about what is happening around home.

NL-ExPatriate said...

I'm no accountant but I do balance my check book.

It's simple you pay out so many dollars and you receive the cancelled checks back the two add up to equal the same amount. It is the same for balancing the books at the end of each fiscal year.

You can't tell me that after the books were balanced at the end of each year they didn't see they had received to much money back. It's not rocket science and numbers don't lie.

AS for being able to submit Visa bills, cancelled checks and original receipts that has to be the most preposterous system I've ever heard of. It is original receipts and in the absence of that a visa or cancelled check might be accepted in accompaniment with a sworn affidavite that you haven't already claimed that expense.

So yes the system was flawed and yes her staff either didn't do their job or did it and kept quiet about the extra money. The HOA accounting staff also didn't do their job they have to balance their books as well and should have picked up on the over payment. You can't close the boks until the ledgers are balanced so either ther was some very shoddy accounting practices on both the MHA's part and the HOA's accounting staffs part collusion as is alleged with the over spending scandal in ignoring the unbalanced books and refusal to expose it or just plain not doing their job and not balancing the books.

As for the PC's reinstating Hickey and being judge and jury. The same thing could be said for the AG in not outing French. He was being judge and jury. Let the numbers the judge and jury.

Say what you will when all is said and done we will have a better accounting and political system due to allowing the AG in to balance the books.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for the blog-rant!

May I point out as well, not to diminish the fact that she may have been sick.... but she was well enough to go away to work on the mainland while her constituants knocked on her door. While the nursing system in newfoundland is crying out for people and resources... something smells at confederation building when a government MHA leaves to work elsewhere, while collecting a salary from the people suffering inside our hospitals and driving over our washboard roads... to seek a higher salary elsewhere... and double bill us for the meals she just happened to have on Newfoundland soil!

Keep bloggin!