Thursday, January 25, 2007

I have not blogged much lately but have been spending sometime checking out other bloggers. The pass two months since my enucleation surgery i have been wearing a small plastic conformer in my eye. The only time i realize it's there is when i apply eye drops or go outside for a walk on a cold day. Monday im off to St. Johns to receive a custom fitted artificial eye. That will probably make my eye saga come full circle. I remember as a kid back in the 60's boarding the old passenger train bound to St. Johns and looking at it all as an adventure. My parents did not share my enthusiasm and worried far to much for me at times. The trips to the Janeway Hospital seemed to be in vain for them because the results of the eye operations did not turn out as they hoped. Over the years i made many trips, mostly for check-ups knowing that it was only a minor disability and it never really bothered me living with the loss of an eye. About a year ago things changed,headaches, nose bleeds but i still hoped it would change, go away. One morning on an ATV ride with my four year old granddaughter accompanying me i became a bit disoriented to a point that she asked me was i ok. I knew at that moment my past had caught up with me. A few days later the Opthamologist was telling me what i already knew.The eye should be removed and he scheduled the surgery. Tuesday i'll see the Ocularist and have the custom prosthetic eye made. Hopefully he'll let me take a few pics of the occasion.

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