Thursday, November 09, 2006

First Snow

The first snowfall of the season has arrived here. It was just a few centimeters but it made the Table Mountains look great. On the way to work i shot a few pics of the beauty and also witnessed the negative side. Several vehicles had gone off the road but luckily,no injuries. The day before the snowfall i took a few hours off work to take my oldest granddaughter for one last walk this season. We have made many since early May and i explained this would be our last one of the season. She's just four and wants her own camera for next years little excursions. I have shown her how to take a few shots with mine and the results are pretty good so far. It's great to live in rural NL at times. On our little walks and ATV rides this year we hardly saw another person out and around. We did meet one couple from the mainland who have purchased a summer home here and seem to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. I wonder at times why more from my community don't take advantage of the miles of beaches and trails here.Yet when they move away from home they always claim to miss it.

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denise said...

i guess it's like going to the yukon and missing pineapple pop and vienna sausages.some never consumed it back home but for some reason craved it after leaving. strange eh?