Friday, October 05, 2007

Can someone help the Tin Man find a Heart?

looks like the Tin Man is not impressed! I doubt Ross ol by'e if someone was out to impress you when they decided to take a stand to better the lives of Home Care Workers and the clients they serve. Actually,i'm not out to impress you as i post my Blog today. You see Ross, our world does not revolve around you but your world, where ever it is ,lets call it OZ, for the sake of an argument, Affects us! After reading todays VOCM news i can only shake my head at you and all those that live in OZ.
Health Minister Not Impressed
October 5, 2007

The Minister of Health isn't too impressed with what he calls the short notice given by some home care agencies that they can no longer take new clients. Home care providers say there is something wrong with the system when people can make more money and better benefits at a coffee shop. A group of fifteen agencies from across the province, part of the Employers' Council, have announced they are not taking any new clients because of a serious lack of staff, money and training. Health Minister Ross Wiseman says home care is still available for new clients as some agencies are not with this particular group. As well, people do not necessarily have to go through an agency. Sandra Noel of Compassion Home Care says there is a misconception that home care is nothing more than making tea and playing cards with the patients.

2 dollars an hour...that's what one personal care home operator in the province says he gets to care for each of its residents. Boyd told VOCM Open Line with Randy Simms, he's been corresponding with government for years about the situation, but has gotten nowhere.

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