Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A plug today for Harold Jacobs and the good folks of Badger who are helping him.

Dear Reader,

I am writing to you on behalf of Harold Jacobs, a young man in our community who is confined to a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy. For the past 42 years, Harold's parents have been looking after him in a phenomenal way -- addressing his every need. With age comes a price, and with many health issues, it is becoming more difficult each day for Harold and his parents.

They can no longer travel with Harold because his condition doesn't allow him to sit comfortably in a regular vehicle. Even if he could, his parents are no longer able to lift him because of their own health problems.

Harold's quality of life would be greatly improved with a lift van so that he could travel, and once again socialize with others, as he has so enjoyed over the past years.

Harold is a very special person who was always on the go. He attended all events in the community until health issues struck him and his family. This young man once had a quality of life that was filled with joy and happiness, but now he is confined to his home. We can restore this quality of life by raising enough money to purchase a lift van for him and his family.

Unfortunately, Harold's family is not able to purchase the lift van that he needs so much. We are appealing to all people and organizations to assist us through a monetary donation that will help us reach our goal. Just think what it would be like for us if we had to spend 95% of our time inside -- not being able to have social contact with the outside world.

Your generosity and kindness will certainly make a difference in this young man's life. Help us help Harold! I sincerely thank you on behalf of Harold and the Jacobs family. May God bless you all with good health and happiness.


Mayor William Foley

Town of Badger

To visit Harolds website and see the progress, please click here.

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