Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nalcor Energy Revealed
December 11, 2008

Premier Danny Williams unveiled the new name and corporate identity of the province's energy corporation. It's called Nalcor Energy. Premier Danny Williams says the creation of the energy corporation was one of the biggest moves the province has made in becoming masters of our own domain. Williams says when looking at future opportunities, it was important the corporation had a strong powerful brand that stands out and demands attention, a dynamic name and memorable logo and he says they have achieved it. Nalcor Energy, a name CEO and President Ed Martin reflects the nature of the company. The black, white and blue circular symbol represents the flow of energy, wind, water and oil. Natural Resources Minister Kathy Dunderdale says the corporation will help the province market our potential to the rest of the world. The cost of the branding and marketing is some $275,000

Here's the video.

Yeah! The blonde done it for me! I was going to bash it but then i saw her and said,wow! What a cool video. It's worth the whole $275,000. SO WHO IS SHE? I know it's not Kathy Dunderdale. Geeze i can tell that even with one good eye. Hopefully she's from the province or i'll retract my statement.


MrChills said...

The logo doesn't look too bad, but, the website is a piece of crap.. Well, unless this is 1998 and not 2008.

Brian said...

I dunno Wayne, many people would not be happy with all that wind going to waste. Several lines of undies happily flapping and drying could have nullified that.

A great branding opportunity missed here. Could have had a maserati cruising along the west coast highway with a James Earl Jones voice over saying “Danny Williams owns the wind, and don’t know one forget it”.

I think the shot of the kid and his dad says it all, sure looks like they took a jump off a cliff to me.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Too bad all of those communities in rural Nl won't be able to watch it what with them not having high speed internet.

You know as far as economies of scale go when it comes to rural communities you would think infrastructure like High speed and wind farming would be right up there?

it really is the only economies of scale that can transcend their rural bonds by infrastructure allowing them to unite and achieve success beyond their local small town economies.

Hey just threw together some research I've been doing on home made wind turbines. Seeing as you live near the wreck house thought you might be interested. Be sure to mount your turbine underground so as it doesn't blow over :)

Merry Christmas!