Friday, March 13, 2009

Canada's filmmaker Rob Spence

Canada's filmmaker Rob Spence, who lost his right eye when he was a child, shows a prototype of a prosthetic eye which will be transformed into a video camera, during a conference in Brussels March 5, 2009. Spence, director and producer in Toronto, said he would use the eye-cam the same way he uses a video camera to carry out the so-called "EyeBorg Project". In using his eye as a wireless video camera, Spence wants to make a documentary about how video and humanity intersect especially with regards to surveillance.

Canadian filmmaker plans to shoot with camera in eye

BRUSSELS - A one-eyed Canadian documentary filmmaker is preparing to work with a video camera concealed inside a prosthetic eye, hoping to secretly record people for a project commenting on the global spread of surveillance cameras.

Torontonian Rob Spence's eye was damaged in a childhood shooting accident and it was removed three years ago. Now, he is in the final stages of developing a camera to turn the handicap into an advantage.

A fan of the 1970s televsion series "The Six Million Dollar Man," Spence said he had an epiphany when looking at his cellphone camera and realizing something that small could fit into his empty eye socket.MORE,CLICK HERE...

This fascinates me mostly because i too have an artificial eye. I sure would like to come home at the end of a day outdoors and download images to my PC that i observed through the day. Now while out on an ATV ride or walk i have to stop and take the camera out,focus and shoot. At times the subject is long gone but with this little contraption i could capture it. Of course this technology will not be researched for that purpose but to help the vision impaired to see. Sure would be great just the same to have one!

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