Sunday, May 10, 2009

The CBC Weather Forecasters are still pumping out disinformation to the public!

Here's the latest for Stephenville from the CBC.

Wreckhouse wind warning in effect.
Today..Rain at times heavy. Amount 20 mm. Fog patches. Wind east 40 km/h gusting to 60 except 80 gusting to 120 in the Wreckhouse area. High plus 5.

Enviroment Canada is making the same announcement for Stephenville.

The Wreckhouse is closer to Port Aux Basques and this disinformation may be causing accidents. The Wreckhouse is over 100 kilometers from the area they forecast and some unsuspecting motorists unfamiliar with the area may die because of this disinformation.


Brian said...

Good one Wayne, very clear that Government and CBC and weather office owe you a debt of grattitude, send them a large figure invoice, maybe that will wake them up.

weather underground said...

Wreckhouse Winds don't only happen at Wreckhouse.