Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kodak Z980

Recently purchased a Kodak Z980 and took it out for a trial run yesterday. I must say the Reviews i read on it before i purchased it where spot on! One of the cons i noticed almost immediately was that the lens cap does tend to fall off when it touches up against something. The zoom lens (a 24 X) was the feature i was really interested in mostly and i was not disappointed when i did try it out. The second shutter button to capture portrait photos also surprised me with how quickly it was to switch back and forth. The 12 MP will be great in cropping the zoomed in images i'll be capturing of wildlife when i visit Grose Morne again in the future.

Example of the zoom from yesterday. images are scaled down to 4 inches and a 200 resolution for photobucket.



Anonymous said...

remember that crazy hippie teacher you had the hots for in high school. i saw her on television a few days back. they made her a professor of literature or something in a toronto university. she still looks darn good. she might only of been a few years older then us in high school.

dave h.

Table Mountains said...

i saw a few pics of her over the years. might send her an email. : )

Anonymous said...

great telephoto and im guessing great for the wreckhouse also.