Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yeah i know! It's the same old stuff from the Southwest coast of the island. Just another day in the Wreckhouse and it'll keep happening because our Government just don't think putting wind warning digital signs in place is a priority.

That bit of gravel near the cab of the tractor may of saved his life. It may of rolled over the embarrkment if not for that.


Brian said...

Even your disaster photos have a certain surreal ness about them with the new camera.
Good catch on the mound of gravel sure looks like you assumption is correct; driver had the luck of the H’Irish wit im. Something to be said for lazy road workers after all.

nadinebc said...

It never ceases to amaze me.

Steve said...

Impressive photos... again!

How do you know when to go and look? The weather forecasts? Why don't the truckers check out that same forecast? Would they really heed warnings?

Table Mountains said...

steve i live just a few minutes away from that accident scene and after the big southeasters drop down i go and look. i'm seldom disappointed and usually get those shots. i listen to the forecasts and when they mention southeast winds i know how bad it can get. some of those truckers have been warned and the newbies at times chuckle and try it. an american trucker a while back was told that the winds were approaching 120 kph there and he joked by saying "how much is that in canadian dollars." he later found out. digital signs on both ends would stop most of those accidents. you would still get a few that would try and then my suggestion would be to leave them until the winds calm. (only lasts a few hours) some day a RCMP officer or ambulance driver might die trying to get out there to help someone.