Thursday, December 10, 2009

Still no Digital Warning Signage at the Wreckhouse 

Fierce winds blow truck off highway

Last Updated: Thursday, December 10, 2009 | 2:02 PM NT

Extremely high winds have prompted the RCMP to urge drivers, especially truckers, to stay off a section of the Trans-Canada Highway on the southwest coast of Newfoundland that is notorious for dangerous winds.CLICK FOR STORY LINK.

Today's accident happened at an area in the Wreckhouse region we call the "Starlight Mountain."

Once again luckily no one was hurt!


Brian said...

Great photos. One day some poor barstard is going to get squashed by one of those turn overes, or the driver of the truck.
What is the ratio of those truck accidents comming and going do you know?

Table Mountains said...

i would estimate that 95% are going west towards port aux basques when the winds toppled them. (that one was going west) probably an empty container)

i have seen them driving east at times with one heavily loaded sheltering one much lighter taking up the lanes. i have had to go over on the shoulder in my lane or completely stop and let them through.once or twice that did not work out the way they planned. saw up to four off the road at times.

Anonymous said...

wayne,would it not be easier for them to drive through cape ray and bypass a lot of the wreckhouse? after they come out on that side of the mountains the winds are usually calmer. are they not?

Table Mountains said...

i think your referring to the road from the TCH through JT Cheesemns park to cape ray. that road cannot support heavy traffic and if it could it only exits on the west end of the wreckhouse area. this would not make any difference because most of the accidents occur just a few kilometers east of the cape ray (408) route.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Wow...amazing pictures.

I just found your blog and have read through a few of your posts...but will be spending a lot more time here. We are fairly new to the province (only visited for the first time in 2002 and then moving here in 2007) and am learning so much about it. Your blog looks like a great place to do just that.