Thursday, July 22, 2010

A few from yesterday's ATV Ride on the Table Mountains.

  The Partridge remains still and has 4-5 young near by.
My Brother enjoying the view of the Valley below. My Granddaughter and I went fishing down their this past Saturday.
A minor problem. In a few places we had to use the Wrench.
A Fog Bank rolls up the Little Codroy River.

My Brother taking a few pics. Note the Pyramid shape Mountains a few miles in the distance.

Great looking Valley and the little Stream has many Brook Trout.


Steve said...

I'd LOVE to be able to ride my ATV 'round those parts.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos wayne.

Brian said...

I don't see a Tim Horton's sign.

Just kidding, great photos as usual.

Do any tourists ever get up that way?

Table Mountains said...

It's a great place to ride steve. lot of freedom.

thanks denise.

brian,no tourists ever find their way up there, would be great to have an ATV tour but the weather (winds,fog) can be harsh even in summer.