Thursday, February 17, 2011

Now the photo in the post has nothing to do with the below story.Just to draw ya in. You can thank me later.

Outstanding Traffic Fines in the Province Total $28 Million

According to the RNC, the province has more than $28 million in uncollected traffic fines on the books and police say they're having trouble tracking down the offenders. RNC officials say they're stopping motorists almost daily who have unpaid fines and, as of November, there were at least five motorists in the province who owed more than $40,000 each. During the last quarter, police in St. John's nabbed thirty-seven drivers who collectively owed $330,000 in outstanding fines.

The Department of Justice has indicated that payments for outstanding fines are difficult to collect because the people who owe them may have unpublished cell phone numbers, no fixed address, are in jail or have no job or credit history.

The outstanding fines may be difficult to collect but once you have a person pulled over and he/she owes a certain amount of dollars,SEIZE THE BLOODY VEHICLE!  As for the rest of the money,hire someone and give them a percentage to track those people down and make them pay.


Brian said...

Wayne you naughty boy!

And your solution makes too much sense.

Sharecroppermike said...

Two stars on that story!