Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If Darrin King,NL Human Resources, Labour and Employment Minister gets his way some of our Provinces best kept secrets will continue to remain secret. From The Gulf News today.

The Gulf News has learned four tourist attractions on the southwest coast have been denied Job Creation Fund dollars to operate this season. At least three will remain closed for the season.

"The Rose Blanche Lighthouse, Burnt Islands Hook and Line Interpretation Centre, Misery Point Fish Livyer’s Station and the Cape Ray Lighthouse were all shut out of funding. Both lighthouses have confirmed they will stay closed, as will the Hook and Line Interpretation Centre"

Years of work and in some cases,decades of work by volunteers,volunteer organizations and investments from the Province seem to be ignored for reasons only the Minister seems to know.

I will be looking forward to how the Minister will spin this story to the public.

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