Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another step in the right direction....

Environment Canada redraws weather map for southwest coast

 Brodie Thomas: The Gulf News

Almost two years after The Port aux Basques town council called for it, Environment Canada is re-drawing the lines on its weather forecast map to group Wreckhouse in the same region as Port aux Basques.

Previously, Port aux Basques was grouped in with Burgeo, while Wreckhouse and the Codroy Valley fell under Bay St. George’s coverage area.
For a time, this meant people checking the forecast for Port aux Basques would not necessarily receive notice of high winds in the Wreckhouse area.
Port aux Basques town council found this misleading and wrote to Environment Canada, asking them to redraw the lines in December of 2009. At the time, a spokesperson said council’s request was timely because the divisions were up for review.
Under the new rezoning, a forecast area known as Port aux Basques and Vicinity will take in the entire Codroy Valley and the Granite Coast as far as Harbour Le Cou.
Another area called Burgeo-Ramea, will take in the south coast from La Poile to Francois and stretch north to cover the Burgeo Highway.
The Connaigre Peninsula now has it’s own forecast region. It was once grouped in with Ramea, Francois and Grey River.
According to a press release from Environment Canada, the rezoning adds eight unique zones to the entire province. Other changes include the addition of more forecast zones on the Avalon Peninsula, along the Labrador coast, and along the entire Labrador highway.
Dale Foote, program supervisor at the Newfoundland and Labrador Weather Office in Gander, said these changes were made to address concerns form the general public on the past model.
“People were concerned about not having Wreckhouse and Port aux Basques in the same region,” he said.
He said they also changed the name of the St. George’s forecast region to Bay St. George based on feedback from people in that area.

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