Friday, March 23, 2012

The 2012 Cains Quest is now History. Details of the winners and Teams scratched can be found here by clicking on the Link.  
My Cousin and her Husband,Team 39 made it to the Finish Line. Coreen made History by being the first woman to compete in that competition and to be able to finish in an event which usually sees more then 50 %  of the Teams drop out before it's over is quite an accomplishment. Info at times was hard to get, but each Team could be tracked all the way through the Journey by following the GPS Trackers on the Machines. Unfortunately CBC covered it like most other stories from Labrador. With very little or no coverage. An event such as this deserves much more coverage and hopefully the folks in Labrador will send their voices of disapproval straight to CBC in St. Johns.


Brian said...

Your cousin did great Wayne, as well as the human factor they were well prepared mechanically one would think. Hope they can give it another go next time around.
The race sure garnered a lot of media attention from afar, pity about CBC Sin City, must have kept camera and crew back in case something happened on the Avalon.

Momma's Journal said...

Hi there Wayne! I remember you well from the DH Kitchen days. Looked you up to see what your were up to at the newfoundwebbers site. (I go by momof9 there.)
Really do enjoy your site! Sorry to hear of your heart attack. Hope you are doing much better!

Kim Wright

Table Mountains said...

Hi Kim. I'm all recovered now and about 40 lbs. lighter. I don't frequent the Forums any more. It was a great place to post Photos of my area at one time but now they don't seem to want that anymore.So now it's just Facebook for me.