Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wasted hours and wasted days Article by Russell Wangersky

"Other than wasting the House’s time and hearing your own voice droning on and on, what’s the point?" -Russell Wangersky.

Mr. Wangersky, come spend a night driving with me to and from my workplace here in the Shadow of the Wreckhouse. Others from my community also do shift work and all of us at some point or another have been stranded out there in the snow. Our MHA has heard our pleas and will not give up until we receive the same treatment as other Districts in the Province.

Telegram Article:
I don’t think our provincial politicians have enough to do.

Why? Because more and more, going to the House of Assembly seems to be a waste of time, a place where hearing your own voice is far more important than devising legislation to improve the way government works.
And the time-wasting is becoming institutionalized. More,CLICK HERE...

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