Saturday, January 18, 2014

Marilyn & Michelle Osmond hold an injured Snowy Owl waiting for Wildlife Services to pick it up.

With all the Snowy Owl sightings in Cape Ray this year it was not unreasonable to think they all would survive. At least this one might get a second chance at Salmonier Nature Park.
Gulf Newspaper Story on the rescue here.

Sightings of snowy owls have become common in Cape Ray, but stumbling upon and capturing an injured one is really rare.

Charlie Osmond holds this Snowy Owl that he and his wife found on Norwest Cove Beach on Jan. 17. The couple could tell it was injured, and so brought it to safety. The conservation office was called and the owl was transported to the Salmonier Nature Park in St. John’s for rehabilitation.
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A Scattering said...

Two reasons to love this post - what's not to love about a Snowy Owl, particularly when it's being rescued by good people. Also, my Dad's name was Charlie Osmond so seeing another, kind Charlie Osmond put a smile on my face!