Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Enucleation, not a familiar word to most and im sure a lot never heard of it until now. It's a word that i just added to my vocabulary. Recommending an enucleation is one of the most difficult therapeutic decisions in ophthalmology and it was just recommended to me. No other choices are available. I lost an eye around age eight and it didn't become noticeable until i became older. It has been no big deal to me and never slowed me down until recently when i started feeling pain and the vision of my good eye that was always above normal seemed to be not as well lately. looks like in the next month or so i'll be having that Enucleation( weird word) and then i 'll decide if i go for an artificial one or wear a patch. It was recommended a while back that i should be wearing one but like most advice a lot just go by the wayside. I'll at least have something to blog about later and start wearing a patch most days up until that time.


Strow said...

holy lord wayne, that looks like quite the procedure, I never knew such a thing could be done. you will still have 1 good eye after the procedure correct??

Justin said...

Sorry to hear that Wayne. Look on the bright side though, you can be a pirate for Halloween and you won't even have to dress up.

I hope everything works out OK.

NL-ExPatriate said...

WOW sorry to hear about this Wayne. Your going to a pirate from here on in I guess. Just trying to lighten the mood.

Your right though it is a weird word.

I thought you were blogging about graduates there for a second, and still couldn't follow you thorougly until I followed the links, graphic.

Table Mountains said...

strow,i've been blind in one eye since i was 8.(got hit with a rock) it didn't become noticeable until a while back and now the constant pain is getting harder to live with. use to look like a pirate many times when i wore a patch and was suppose to use one the pass few years but didn't. got one on now,dislike it,but no other choice.