Monday, June 05, 2006

Wildlife biologist from Newfoundland & Labrador might have recently found the cause of many dead seals washing up on our coastline recently. A leading Newfoundland scientist, a Dr. N. Confusus has determined the deaths to be from Sexually transmitted diseases. He was quoted as saying after conducting autopsies on the marine mammals they all had some forms of STD's ranging from gonnorreha, Genital Herpes Syphillis and a recently discovered one he has named Ladyofheather. It now appears the seals became infected this pass spring when the STD's hit the pristine ice floes off our province when an ex porn star dropped by to molest them. More on the story can be found by clicking here.

After viewing todays news in the sun the lyrics from a song (New Age Girl) by "Dead Eye Dick" comes to mind.
Mary Moon, she's a vegetarian
(Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)
Mary Moon will outlive all the septaugenarians
(Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)
Oh she loves me so, she hates to be alone
She don't eat meat but she sure like the bone

That photo was taken back in 88 and those breasts don't look that great to me. Hopefully with all her new found wealth and $$$$$ from her divorce settlement she can pump them up a bit.


Anonymous said...

busted my gut here this morning reading that.forwarding it on.

The Dixie Drifter said...

"it's days and therads like this that i wish snidely whiplash could drop in !"

Miss me eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin said...

Hmmmmmm. . . . . We have that same problem with sheep. ;)

Toby said...

Haha, you're right about her boobs. Pretty flat and saggy for a woman only 20 years old. I hope Paul got his moneys worth.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Heather Mills-McCartney anymore than the next Newfoundlander but a couple of naked photos a porn star does not make. There are plenty of reasons to bash Heather without resorting to cheap shots about nude photos taken when she was younger.

Table Mountains said...

i have not been in for sometime but i do have an alibi.wasn't me cause i was drunk and on the mountains in newfieland. : )