Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blame Canada,Blame Loyola !

Finally a chance to make a difference! A Newfoundlander born in the tiny fishing village of Renews,NL gets the job as Federal Fisheries Minister and can finally make a difference! Hearn is asked to support a moratorium on high-seas bottom trawling. No more bulldozing the ocean bottom! We all wait and Loyola speaks out,will not exactly but he mutters,"Real solutions must be practical, enforceable and fair."
What would be more practical then putting a stop to raping the ocean floor and a by-catch of other species. For years we blamed others for the failure of our fishery but if were not part of this moratorium then we have no one else to blame but Canada and a jellyfish with no backbone called loyola Hearn.
an online petition here for anyone who wants to sign.

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I love Munich said...

"No more buldozing the ocean bottom" .. how right you are!!!! As SCUBA-diver I can well attest to the damage it does - and wonder why nobody understood that so far!
Thanks SO MUCH for highlighting a problem which mostly falls between the chairs ... I so much appreciate that!!