Saturday, October 07, 2006

see where your donations go and how kids learn to make molotov cocktails.


JC Williams said... alittle something to cheer you up

Suzanne Cass said...

It is a monotonously regular tactic of those who brutalize animals to try to label those who seek to protect them as terrorists aligned with extreme organizations. This particular individual takes this to a new level in his attempts to defend the morally indefensible; thus, if he seeks to be representative of what he wants to claim is a "decent" community, he does that community no favours - he in fact becomes the extemist. Tha annual seal hunt IS barbaric, inhumane and morally bankrupt, and therefore totally unjustifiable.

And I've been called far worse than a "Tasmanian Devil" before. As long as the seal hunt continues, I will continue to to everything possible to encourage a boycott of all things Canadian, in particular that aspect in which I have some influence - tourism.
Suzanne Cass
Tasmania, Australia

CaptainPaulWatson said...

If you wish to disparage the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, you should learn how spell the name of our organization. It is S-E-A S-H-E-P-H-E-R-D. It is easy to remember just take Sheep Herd and drop the 2nd e. Very simple. So can you spell Shepherd? Do your homework and post again.
Paul Watson

Table Mountains said...

WOW! the big guy himself. im honored.
are you sure you don't mean sheepherder? you remind me of a have a lot of sheep that follow you and your doing quite the job leading them around.without the great herder they surely would be lost on their own.

JC Williams said...

What is a sea shepherd? is that some kind of org. that raises sheep out on the sea and provides entertainment to the passing that is as funny as a sheep at a Montana State Univerisity Fertinity party that went bad.

Justin said...

Easy with the Montana slams there JC, LOL. We only like the perty ones, and that one with the blue ribbon on her tail is mine so stay away! If you ask real nice though, I might let you borrow my velcro gloves. ;)

Besides that, the girls in Bozeman are way too hot for there to be sheep at the frat parties, you must be thinking of U of M, LOL.

All that aside, excellent find as always Wayne, I haven't stopped by in a while and had a lot of catching up to do today, but I see you've been doing a fine job. I think these folks watched a few too many of those snuggly Disney cartoons when they were kids. Animals do not have human traits, no matter how cute it is in kid's movies. Think bears are cuddly? Come on out here folks, I'll get you right up close and personal with a few of the smelly fly infested bastards, and I even promise not to shoot them when they start to "snuggle" you. Oh by the way, those teeth? Yeah, they're real.

It's like the seals you talk about Wayne, anyone that thinks those critters won't eat their ass has another thing coming, I don't care if it's a seal, a bear, a wolf, or otherwise. Even those big dopey moose that everyone thinks are so adorable, as I'm sure you know there's few animals in the woods as dangerous as a moose, especially a cow with a calf. I'd be happy to introduce a few of these wackos to them as well, I think you'll find ol' mama moose to be quite friendly. I'll just stay on a hilltop and watch through my binoculars, that's the best way I've found to enjoy wildlife. Well . . . I also enjoy it with some taters and gravy.

Nature isn't pretty, animals eat each other, it's just a part of life, and these folks need a serious dose of reality. I also notice that your friend up there never bothered to address any of the allegations against his beloved organization, just stopped by to chastise you about the spelling. PETA is a group made up primarily of hipocrits taking advantage of well intentioned people, and it makes me sick. Terrorists? If the shoe fits . . .