Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sinikka Crosland is president of The Responsible Animal Care Society,AKA (TRACS), an animal-protection group based in British Columbia. Crosland is part of a group that would be the envy of Al-Qaeda and could probably even show them a thing or two in deceit. Crosland acknowledged this week that her e-mail address was used as a contact point for technical inquiries with a controversial Internet portal which portrays all the people of my province as barbarians and tries to have viewers send e-mails to tourism-related businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador. Crosland says she was approached by the group and asked to be the Technical liaison.The group she says,don't want to be revealed because they have families and jobs. "They just don’t want to be out there in the limelight” she said. Im sure all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians on that fake site never asked to be in the limelight either but they had no choice in the matter.I for one suspect that Sinikka Crosland is part of ALF,considered by The Department of Homeland Security,U.S.A. a domestic terrorist threat.Anyone that would lie like this and not worry who they hurt would have to be. It would be great to have some recent photos of Crosland and her family posted on a few sites so we would know who were dealing with.We have learned from Al-Qaeda tactics what people are capable of doing for a cause.


Lori said...

Does that website really compare the seal hunt to female genital mutiliation and female infanticide?

Sometimes, the stupidity of the human mind amazes me. This is one of those times. Killing a seal doesn't come close to being anything like the removal of a female's sexual organs with dirty knives or the killing of little girls because boys are expected to care for their parents when they're older and girls marry into other families. Shut up nameless Canadians. I'm more ashamed of you than the people trying to make a honest living off the seal hunt.

Anonymous said...

this one takes the cake.that woman is so out to lunch even the animal lovers here
detest her. she wouldn't want to see a kid eating a hotdog at a fundraiser for our spca if the weiner had meat products in am serious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Every one , people are intitled to their opinions about people , and just someone who gerenally cares about animals does not make her a terrorist !! If people were to look at the problem of the seal hunt and jobs that you're country is lacking . People It's time to stop blaming, maybe we could find a better solution to the seal hunt . There is so much hatred going around as it is . Arn't poeple tired of this . It's time to stop

Right Wing said...


I couldn't have said it better myself.

And Wayne, thanks for this enlightening post.

denise said...

im sure we all gave money to groups over the years such as the spca or other animal protection groups. from now on i'll check their agenda or organization out before i give sure a lot of money goes to other areas of those organizations that we never suspect.

Mike Lester said...

It always boggles my mind to see rightous do gooders take the seal hunt and turn it into a sight, on a site to spread misconceptions about another culture. This Bimbo has no sence period. She wins a pair of seal skin slippers. Anyone want to send her a pair?

Anonymous said...

The reality is, Ms Osmond, that it is you and those like you who have much to hide, and you do this by attempting to deflect world attention from Canada's appalling annual seal hunt. You do this by seeking to discredit Ms Crosland, whose only motive is to save baby seals from the annual bloodbath and carnage as their skulls are smashed and their blood covers the ice floes. So who are the perpetrators of violence here? Barbarians? If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck - if you are part of Canada's shame then you ARE a barbarian. I work as an international travel consultant in Australia, and I make sure any travellers enquiring about Canada are made aware of the facts of this disgusting, unconscionable annual carnage. And I am good at influencing their destination choices.
Suzanne Cass
Tasmania, Australia

Table Mountains said...

wow,now i got the tasmanian devil mad at me. read your take on the jewish race. comparing the consumption of animals to the holocaust.that tells me all i want to know about you!

Anonymous said...

As boycott realities mount and the sweat drips, Wayne raises his cyber club to attack those who oppose the slaughter of baby harp seals, an obscene display of brutality that continues to shock millions of citizens around the world every single year. This barbaric ritual is indeed Canada's black eye...but, for reasons of defending a tradition that should have vanished with the Neanderthal, people like Wayne are now setting their sights on human targets. He further accuses of portraying "all the people of my province as barbarians..." when, in actual fact, the site is a satirical one that brilliantly exposes the truth behind the annual seal massacres (kudos to the creators of the website). The parody (or satire) part of the endeavor has apparently escaped Wayne's understanding. Rather than asking himself the obvious, "why are celebrities, the European Union, caring Canadians and citizens from the international community upset with this custom of killing baby seals?", he chooses to label as terrorists those who fight for an end to the slaughter.
As the Canadian sealing industry prepares for yet another season of violence and bloodshed, anyone wondering about the definition of terrorism should envision spending a day in those flippers when sealers descend upon the ice with their weapons of mass destruction.
I'd also like to respond to the first Anonymous poster in this thread who attempted to trash me for reminding the SPCA that they have responsibilities also to livestock animals, and caring for their welfare is not synonymous with caring for consuming their flesh. There must be a reason why you did not post your name. Perhaps it's because you don't want anyone to know about how you love dogs and cats, but support the suffering of livestock as they endure harsh transport conditions in our country, how many are poked with electric prods to move them along, how they are crammed together in tight cages and pens as they await slaughter, how they fear and tremble when they realize what is happening to the animal in line in front of them, how they fight for the only thing they own, which is their lives. Did you know that according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, 2,342,287 animals arrived dead on arrival at slaughter plants in 2004? That's a lot of suffering. God only knows what they had to endure for the sake of being someone's hot dog. Shame, shame, Anonymous. Clearly you have not done the research on the treatment of the animals you eat. Why do you love some and not others?
Sinikka Crosland

David Nickarz said...

I fully support Ms. Crossland's efforts and the website. It is laughable that you call people who care about animals terrorists! Seal hunters are cowardly baby-killers who don't want to be filmed doing their disgusting blood ritual. That's why they attack the media.

Terrorists--really. I think you are really ashamed of this and the only way you can deal with it is to lash out at anyone who criticizes you.

I've been to newfoundland and I've met some great people. I've also met some of the newfoundland diaspora and they are decent folks as well. Nobody thinks that all Newfoundlanders are barbarians.

David Nickarz


nancy graham said...

have you considered buying a turkey that is made from soy products or tofu, or substitute other foods this thanksgiving? if not give it a try.let a turkey live.

Anonymous said...

Crikey, Wayne! Calling the Australian travel consultant a Tasmanian devil, are we? As for how some very prominent Jewish people feel about this subject, you've clearly not read the work of Charles Patterson, including Eternal Treblinka (Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust). I'm including some info. below. Read Eternal Treblinka with an open mind, Wayne...what an eyeopener.
Charles Patterson is a social historian, Holocaust educator, editor, therapist, and author. His first book--Anti-Semitism: The Road to the Holocaust and Beyond--was called "important" by Publisher’s Weekly. "It can't be stressed enough how good a writer Charles Patterson is and what an excellent book he has produced," wrote Judaica Book News. "It deserves a place in every home, school and public library... excellent background reading in Jewish history and the history of western civilization." Patterson is a graduate of Amherst College, Columbia University (Ph.D.), and the Yad Vashem Institute for Holocaust Education in Jerusalem.

denise said...

they are scum,they even rob graves for their cause.take photos of them all and keep it on record. look how low they stoop.they actually dug up a person.they have no decency or repect for human life.
four animal rights activists were sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment for conspiracy to blackmail the owners of Darly Oaks farm in Staffordshire, which bred guinea pigs for medical research. Their campaign against the farm culminated in the theft of the body of Gladys Hammond from her grave in October 2004.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, while you do reach justifiable conclusions in some of your posts, this one regarding Crosland is borderline strange.

To argue that Crosland is "part of a group that would be the envy of Al-Qaeda" is a bit of prematurity since you recognize that "she was approached by the group and asked to be the Technical liaison". Agreeing to be a technical liaison doesn't not necessarily make her a 'part of the group' (in fact, that's sort of the whole idea of being a liaison anyway).

Then to follow it up with suspecting that she is "part of the ALF" really involves an excessive amount of hoping. With this sort of leeway, one might just as easily suspect that you think anyone who shows the slightest kindness towards animals is automatically relegated to the ranks of that organization.

The bit about the pictures does you no credit at all and is subject to being interpreted in various ways. For instance, a possible conclusion is that you hope others may harrass or assault Crosland and her family once their photographs are broadcast over the internet. Is this really what you want?

Crosland, as you have no doubt discovered through the internet, happens to be quite public in her opposition towards animal abuse and all public figures are open to criticism by others. However, even on a blog, such criticism can contain factual evidence and logic rather than the leaps of faith that you, for some reason, have chosen to make here.

Table Mountains said...
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Table Mountains said...

she protects those that hide behind their shield of anonymity.the same ones who take it on themselves to try and harm a province of 500,000 plus people through a fake website. yeah,she's real sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne,

I appreciate that your blog puts your views out there, and you are standing behind what you believe, however, your blog I feel is excessively ignorant about the motivations of animal advocates.

I care very much about all aspects of exploitation, not just concerning humans, but animals as well. Seals are not inanimate objects that do not feel pain. They are living breathing creatures that deserve consideration; a consideration that I feel many Newfoundland sealers have lost for seals a long time ago.

Often times people think they have no choice but to do something, when the reality is they are simply doing something they have always done, and have never bothered to try and do anything else. I have first hand experience with this in my own family... a grandfather who is a trapper... he no longer makes money killing the animals he traps, but does it anyway because it is something he has done since he was a young man. Real lives are lost... I'm sorry that you do not value these lives because they are not human lives, but these lives are important to the seals who own them.

Animal advocates are not terrorists. Most animal advocates would literally not hurt a fly. Your comparison of all people who care about animals to terrorists is very short sighted.

Table Mountains said...

quote" Your comparison of all people who care about animals to terrorists is very short sighted."

i don't compare them all as terrorist.just the ones that hide behind fake websites and seek to destroy other lives. i also have strong beliefs about animals. i don't like the ideas of animals in circuses or animals raised on game farms to shoot for pleasure. a local animal shelter nearby does not believe in putting down the animals they have.(this i agree with because then not only the so called cute ones get to live,they all do!) as for seals,we have hunted them for hundreds of years and if i suspect they are endangered.i'll be the first to animal kill is pretty. we just took a moose a few days ago and found no glory in it. several hundred lbs. of meat in a freezer is for consumption.i doubt if most who view this blog have ever saw a seal besides the pretty little whitecoats that rake in the $$$$ for animal rights groups. try and approach the seals i get to see while walking the beachs here.

Justin said...

I simply gotta respond to Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. or whatever annonymous up there that thinks cows "realize" what's about to happen to them in a slaughter plant. Have you ever looked at a friggin' cow? I've looked at a lot of 'em, and I can assure you buddy, the lights are on, but nobody's home. I've worked in a packing plant before, they walk into the kill chute, they stand there and look stupid (which they are), and you pop 'em behind the ear with a captive bolt gun. End of story, no struggle, no pain, they never feel a thing, and they don't "realize" jack shit. I'm guessing that you've never killed an animal and that's fine if that's your thing, but I've killed plenty and I've yet to see one "realize" any damn thing. They're animals, not people, and the sooner these wackos realize that the better.

denise said...

i see sneaky crosland and her terrorist group have blotted out facial features of some people on the fake website.i sure would like to see her face.anyone have a pic of that sneaky thing?

Anonymous said...

Hey gang, I'm back!
Denise, there are a few pics of sneaky me on the internet if you care to do a google search and hit "images". Don't forget to spell my name right--S-i-n-i-k-k-a C-r-o-s-l-a-n-d, and you'll track down those difficult-to-find pictures. And BTW, sorry to disappoint you, but I can't take credit for the website. I do enjoy the truth, though, which is what that site is all about. Newfoundland sealers kill seals cruelly, and the world is learning about it (Germany just voted to ban the import of seal pelts...that was in today's news).
I have a comment for Justin, too. Next time you look in the mirror, Justin, make sure the lights are on...because that's about all the light in the room you're going to find. I suspect that there is a very dim bulb burning between the ears of anyone who doesn't realize that animals feel pain and terror. Quit trying to make them seem "stupid" just because you want to snuff out their lives.
Sinikka Crosland

Anonymous said...

First off…
Being from Newfoundland and Labrador does not automatically grant a right to be that of an expert regarding either the pros and cons with respects to any issues of those of the seal hunt. Apart from noting the aggressiveness of the scattered seal that you encounter during your romantic walks along the beach, when was the last time you were “On the Ice”?

Apart from die-hard Newfoundland and Labrador traditionalism with regards to the seal hunt, in any capacity, what exactly are your arguments to support it?

Though the McCartney’s failed miserably to discredit the seal hunt and we all laughed when it became obvious that Paul’s stated location differed from that of the front, how should that discredit from his presented arguments?

Exactly how important economically is the seal hunt to Newfoundland and Labrador?

Do seals jeopardize the cod stocks?

Is the seal hunt subsidized by the government in any way at the expense of the Canadian/Newfoundland and Labrador taxpayers?

Could you as a proud Newfoundlander/Labradorian somehow consider a seal promotion in any other way than killing them?

Historically the government of Newfoundland and Labrador has failed miserably with regards to it’s management of just about all of it’s natural resources. Beginning with Smallwood’s capturing of the hearts and minds of the proud and hard-working Newfoundlanders that brought us into Canada’s confederation.
We have permitted the rest of the world to plunder and to tap into areas since the beginning and some of them have not been touched up until now and with promises that we will get a slice. And we laugh and joke and blog!!!

…a baby seal walks into a club.

Danny Williams handling of the McCartney’s on Larry King Live was, I will admit, very crafty, in not so much as to what he said but more so in how he presented himself and as to how he represented Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and he presented us honorably. I met him after the ceremonies in Beaumont Hamel and though I hold him in a high regard, he perhaps is the best that Newfoundland and Labrador has been with regards to our representation in Canada but he is far from being our Dalai Lama.

Robert Squire (a proud Newfoundland/Labradorian living in France)

Anonymous said...

Who is this hyar Sniker Croslan'? is she one of them PETA broads? ah w'd like t'take her out an' stump bust her like we use t'do t'them ole' cows when ah was livin' down in th' Hills of Tennessee...LOL

Justin said...

Sorry Sinikka, I do not WANT to "snuff out their lives", I WANT to eat them. Eating them alive would be cruel, so therefore I am forced to kill them as quickly and humanely as possible first. I do most definitely NOT condone cruelty to animals, but I do condone reality. The reality is, animals eat each other, it's the way it is like it or not. What's next, are you folks planning on teaching cats not to chase mice? As I mentioned in my last comment, I doubt that you've ever had the experience of killing an animal, for if you had you'd understand the reality of it. I'm not disputing that animals feal pain or fear, I know they do, that's why I don't condone cruelty. Here one moment, gone the next, in my book anyway, does not constitute cruelty. But then again what would I know? After all, I'm just some uneducated hillbilly that happens to know how to use what nature provided me to survive, not some uber intelligent and enlightened individual like yourself that would starve to death within days if the store where you buy your organic vegetables burned down.