Saturday, September 23, 2006


Reading the online news today and two stories caught my attention. First one was that Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones has finally given up drugs. Richards claims they are too weak to give him a high.The 62-year-old former heroin addict told The Sun that modern drugs such as ecstasy "mess with the brain". No shit Keith!! Maybe it's just called tolerance and after a while even the ecstasy won't mess up your brain half as much. My suggestion Keith is to try something new like Anthrax. That fall out of the tree recently really screwed your brain up and you can't get no satisfaction.

Second story was that Mr.Osama Bin Laden has passed away. He was reported to of died last month in Pakistan of typhoid.I guess that means no more great video's but just in case it's true maybe Osama might be a great spokesman for that disease. Maybe the Islamic world can have a telethon to raise money to irradicate that disease from their part of the world. Hell we done it here a century ago! If Cat Stevens don't do the telethon,maybe Keith Richards would!... but i think that's unlikely.

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i like you infidel.