Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Looks like this one's over before the fat lady sings! Free speech is once again loosing ground in the the Western world or in my opinion the civilized world.

A leading German opera house has canceled performances of a Mozart opera because of security fears stirred by a scene that depicts the severed head of the Prophet
Muhammad, prompting a storm of protest here about what many see as the surrender of artistic freedom. The Deutsche Oper Berlin said Tuesday that it had pulled “Idomeneo” from its fall schedule after the police warned of an “incalculable risk” to the performers and the audience. The company’s director, Kirsten Harms, said she regretted the decision but felt she had no choice. She said she was told in August that the police had received an anonymous threat,but she acted only after extensive deliberations.

The Religion of Peace is slowly telling us what art is permissible,what we are able to write,draw and perform. I'll visit several Muslim blogs again today and i dare say i won't find one thought from one of them on this matter.I'll find the same as always about the love and peace of the phrophet and how tight to wear your hijab when the infidel walks by.


hoop said...

they're all upset over a fake beheading in an opera but chant and praise allah when a real one takes place.they burn churches, they bulldoze buddist shrines, they destroy synagogues, they ban books, they kill their own who convert to other faiths. prety damn soon they'll complain if we look in the direction of mecca.

jcwilliams65 said...

Right on Wayne I do not understand people today, our forefathers fought and died for our freedoms and their off springs are so willing to give it up with out a fight....go figue

The ACLU here in the States are for all of these freedoms especially freedom of speech and have filed numerous lawsuits agains the present administartion to prevent them for wire tapping and checking peoples e-mail, well guess what they are going to do? monitor their own employees e-mail, so what does that tell you about the ACLU.

yaser said...

i think the west must not succumb to those threats.
as a secular person i agree that freedoms in the world are in jeopardy if such attmpts to intimidate people were allowed to continue .

enlighted heart said...

if we don't show them love how can we expect them to be our friends. i think with your posts and the comments by some here, it only makes things and understanding will make the world a better place for us all.

JC Williams said...

"if we don't show them love how can we expect them to be our friends." They do not want your love they want your soul or your head, and I can't believe people ccannot see that.

Table Mountains said...

not so fast jc! im starting a program here in my community tommorow to show my love. in calling it,"take a muslim to lunch day." if this catches on im hoping all newfies can do the i gotta go find me one.

JC Williams said...


Think maybe you might find a couple of Muslim up at the Zing that you might be able to take to lunch, just kidding.

Just got back froma week in the greenest State in the land of the free, you know Davy Crockett Country, I bet ole' Davy might have had a few words for them.

Just put up some videos where I grew up, and believe me it is pure country, did not see one of them Muslims that I could invite out for a afternoon snack.

Check the videos out more to come.

líam said...

You're saying all this as though Islam is the only religion whose followers try to stifle debate or art.

Read this story:

Table Mountains said...

i didn't see no death threats mentioned in that article. no catholics wanted to behead her for the performance.

hoop said...

liam, You're saying all this as though Islam is the only religion whose followers try to stifle debate or art.

stiffling a debate or protesting is one thing.whacking off the heads of those who who perform or write is another matter.