Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Premier has given us all a Valentines gift today. Looks like we won't get the shaft and foot the bill for for John Hickey's lawsuit against Roger Grimes. This may be even a bigger gift then what we expected. The way things have been going in NL the pass few years we might of gotten double shafted during the whole experience.

On another note it looks like a few Bloggers could really get screwed today or crucified by Easter.

Hickey Goes It Alone
February 14, 2007

Premier Danny Williams says taxpayers will not be footing the bill for John Hickey's lawsuit against Roger Grimes. Williams told VOCM Open Line with Randy Simms even though the Internal Economies Commission is willing to pay Hickey's legal bills, the Transportation Minister has decided to go it alone. The Premier says a line has to be drawn where public comments defame a person's character. Meantime, Roger Grimes remains adamant, saying there will be no apology. He says in fact, the Premier owes him an apology for using words on VOCM Open Line that color the situation.

Opposition Leader Gerry Reid, meantime, says it's unacceptable that the premier is threatening lawsuits, trying to intimidate the general public. Reid is also looking at trying to get the policy changed, that allows MHA's to hire lawyers for such matters. He's willing to go to the IEC to say enough is enough.

The report by Chief Justice Derek Green on MHA Constituency Allowances and other matters is in the final stages, but there's still no date given for its release. Last month, Green said he notified the premier that there would be delay and that he expected to have the report finished around mid-February, but his office says it won't be submitted this week. The chief justice has been examining MHA compensation, allowances, and pensions as well as financial management and controls in the House of Assembly.

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