Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Safety First, Service Always

Safety First, Service Always says the motto of our Canadian Coast Guard. I don't know the level of service all the employees put out but apparently the top executives perform very well. The Coast Guard gave 43 of its 44 top executives performance bonuses worth a total of $296,232. I wonder who the unlucky one was? It must be great in a line of work to know your being evaluated and based upon your performance, rewarded. I certainly wish we all had that option in our line of work. I wonder how much a home support worker in NL would receive in bonuses if that was the case? how would you place a monetary value on the performance of some of us? How much would we receive for a slap in the face from a client who has a mental disability? How much for a head butt that knocks you to the floor? How much for the worker who is accused of stealing by a senior with Alzheimer’s disease. How much for waiting year after year hoping each new provincial budget will give you a bit of hope in the form of a pay raise or a benefit such as a sick day? In March the provincial budget will once again be released and the home support workers will see how they are evaluated. Hopefully it won't be another slap in the face,we have received enough to last us a lifetime. This coming October we'll get to evaluate our employees and we might not be handing out bonuses.

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Anonymous said...

thanks speak for many of us.i see nape does not make an effort no more to try and help us form a union.