Sunday, March 18, 2007

Andy Visiting Taiwan
March 18, 2007

St. John's Mayor Andy Wells arrives in Taiwan today as part of a delegation of big city Canadian mayors. They've been invited for a series of meetings with municipal and government officials to discuss urban issues. Wells says he's planning to promote the capital city and the province whenever he gets the opportunity. Wells says he's also prepared to talking about urban planning, ocean technology and environmental issues, which are a big concern in that country.

Big city Canadian mayors? Population wise or physical size of the mayors? Just kidding today. I remember Premier Zhu from China a few years back inviting Andy to China at the time because he protested China's occupation of Tibet since the 1950's. Andy tried to fly the Tibetan flag over city hall at the time. Premier Tobin at the time accused him of showboating but quite a few of us here in NL actually respected him for the act. Maybe the government of Taiwan might actually thank him for that during his visit.

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