Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Foster Home Shortage
May 2, 2007

The NDP leader says the shortage of foster homes is nearing the crisis level. Lorraine Michael wants government to increase the amount people are paid to look after children who require such help. In the legislature yesterday, the minister responsible for child welfare, Ross Wiseman, said they are in year two of a three-phase increase in compensation paid to caregivers.

Will Ross,guess what? if year three is like years one and two,your not only in deep shit,your full of it!!


Anonymous said...

possibly before the end of the decade we shall see migrant workers here in newfoundland working with our seniors and special needs persons. most of the newfoundlanders will be out west working.hopefully our families and loved ones will like those semi illiterate workers because that's what we'll be purchasing.

Anonymous said...

Hi there I think I found the way. LOL
It's always the non union staff that gets larger increases doesn't matter what province you are in. The same happened here in Ontario.