Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just another day in The Wreckhouse !

After the S.E. winds calmed down yesterday i decided to drive to The Wreckhouse to see if any Tractor Trailers tried to run the gauntlet. As usual the scene was what i expected when i arrived. A series of accidents involving the large Tractor Trailers and a few smaller vehicles. The top photos shows a container truck carrying Milk that swerved to avoid several other tractor trailers that had already collided in the high winds and w
hiteout conditions. This scene is not uncommon here and will repeat itself many more times before the end of 2008.
few more from yesterday......................Click to open:


Brian said...

Great post and series of photos Wayne. Seeing as the trucking companies won’t voluntarily stop running the gauntlet when high winds and snow warnings are issued has it ever occurred to government officials to close the bloody road, exempt would be emergency traffic. Just wondering.

Table Mountains said...

i'm not sure if they can do that. they have a few wind warning signs on both end of the area saying the winds are known to blow upwards to 200 kph but that's it. the local zone board was taking about placing a digital sign on the ends telling of the wind speeds in the area at present time. that plan of theirs was released close to a decade ago but never acted upon. the truck in the photo went off by the wind gauge installed there. it peaked at 127 kph that morning. just before christmas it hit 177 kph one morning.