Friday, January 11, 2008

The local water hole,Cape Ray.

Recently the premier announced the government will spend quite a bit of money this year to make the quality of drinking water in this province better. The shot above is how a great many residents of my community get their drinking water. Several years ago our community tried to obtain a clean source for the households of the community but failed when we could not come up with Ten Thousand Dollars, our share of the water study. Lately we have seen a few new homes go up in the community and the way things are turning around in the province work wise i suspect we might see a few more homes constructed in the future. This year we have saw more people getting work locally rather then going West to seek work at their trades. Maybe the local Zone Board can help us seek out or plan a water source with the money that may come from government.

It's 2008 and time to drill a few wells in Cape Ray.I'm sure we have enough drilled in third world countries by now, so lets see some charity at home this year.


Brian said...

That’s a top of the line water hole Wayne, better hope some Antipodean does not come along and mistake it for a dunny without doors.
Maybe if our fearless leader would chew on more stick jaws there would be a 50 50 chance of a 50 50 cost shared agreement to upgrade the water services in rural communities.

You know a project worthwhile could be for some one to travel the roads [and ferries when running] and do a photo essay of water holes [services] around the bays. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, people from Margaree drive all the way to Cape Ray to pick up clean, fresh water. The state of drinking water in southwest coast communities is deplorable. I agree with your comments 100%.