Saturday, April 12, 2008

What kind of rabbit hole have I fallen into where it's all topsy-turvy and we're the bad guys?' Gerry Rogers

Last fall a family member of ours received a phone call from someone at Eastern Health saying that her cancer tests had came back negative. This was years after she had a mastectomy for breast cancer. Not quite knowing how to respond, the only thing she could say was "are you saying i never had cancer?" The voice at the other end just said "i can't say anything other then what i just repeated." She asked another question. "Are you saying that i didn't need to have my breast removed?" The voice said "i'm sorry, i can only tell you that your test results came back negative." She is part of the ongoing class action suit but still has received no information in the form of a letter from Eastern Health. She finds it difficult to follow the news and proceedings because she spends most of her day looking after her husband who has recently went through an ordeal and is lucky to be alive. Recently she carried what information she had to her MHA hoping he would be able to shed more light on the situation she's in. The judicial inquiry will wrap up sometime during the summer and the debate in the hose of assembly over it will gradually fade away. For the 108 who passed away lets hope that the voices of people like Gerry Rogers, Peter Dawe , journalists ,bloggers, etc. can help set nation standards for hormone receptor tests so this cannot happen again.

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