Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NL 2008 Provincial Budget

"We are also allocating $6 million to increase the hourly rate for home support, the fifth increase in the past three years. With each successive increase, we acknowledge that home support workers provide valuable support to many individuals in our province with disabilities, to seniors and to children, enabling many to remain in their own homes despite the challenges they face."

OK Mr. Finance Minister,what does that mean when you apply it to the hourly rate now? Six million dollars don't stretch that far when given to thousands of Home Support Workers in NL. A few MHA's have been known to spend almost that amount in fine wines, ladies panties and artwork recently. As for this being the fifth increase in the past three years. The minimum wage has increased and if not an increase in the Home Support rate it would be far lower then the minimum wage. So don't go patting yourself on the back for that one.


denise said...

your right on with the increase because of the minimum wage increments. my god i can't believe they're bragging about that.

Brian said...

That lousy .50 cents an hour stood out for me Wayne, that and the fact the environment was all but or totally ignored.

What will it take for the proletariat to get it; the slippery slope gets steeper and slipperier every day.